January 8, 2010

One more

I’m nearly done playing catch up, I swear. There was one more night I intended to Cher or share. Har! It’s Friday and I’m anxious to go home. I have to amuse myself how ever I can.

Anyway, the night Aria opened was action-packed for us. We kicked off the evening with dinner at Fiamma. We planned to dine at Seablue, but when I called for reservations they failed to tell me the restaurant was closed – closures often occur in December, it’s such a slow time. Fortunately, Fiamma was open, it’s the best plan B I could ask for. My mom and brother-in-law joined us for this feast. We had a Christmas celebration of sorts.

We had a fine meal, Frank and Bob chose winter tasting menus with wine pairings, while my mom and I ordered off the menu. You can read about the meal in full detail at LLV, Vegas Values: This flame isn’t fading. Here are additional photos, for those of you who can’t get enough food porn.

Their calamari is wonderful. I haven't tried a better version, yet.

Fusilli Pasta, M'mmm comfort food!


and finally fudge cake and pomegranate sorbet.

After dinner, we jetted over to Caesars. We were able to get significantly discounted tickets to Cher, so we treated them both; Christmas came early. Parking at Caesars is such a nightmare; I don’t think there is a worse cluster around town. After being turned away at valet we were left to fuss with parking for a good twenty-minutes.

Fortunately, the Colosseum is a short walk from the garage and isn’t in the depths of the labyrinth. Otherwise, we would’ve missed the start of the show. We had to travel up a series of escalators to reach the Second Mezzanine. Folks with Acrophobia should be wary of these seats. Once we got up there I was a little concerned for my mom, she’s not big on heights but she was okay when she got seated.

The Colosseum was a packed house. I’m not sure if it was the crowd, the lights or a combo of both, but it was very warm in there. Scorching at first, it eventually cooled down to a more comfortable level.

The lights dimmed, it was show time. Cher swooped in and provided us with narrative and banter. Then it was on with the show. Cher was our guide for a personal tour of her booming 40-year career. We revisit her youth in old clips and photos, and then the years pass with every tune and costume change. I lost count, by the way, but we saw a wide-array of costumes. After a variety of hits the show closes with Believe, my favorite of her hits. It reminds me of good times in Las Vegas; it was played non-stop one vacation. The song has brought me smiles and fond memories ever since.

The show was enjoyable. I’m not a big enough fan to pay full-price but I was thankful for the opportunity to see Cher perform. Love her or hate her you can’t deny her success. She is a great entertainer.

From Caesars we dashed over to CityCenter for Aria's opening, and you know the rest.

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