January 25, 2010

More snowy photos

I have a few tidbits from the weekend to share, but not a whole lot of time. It's been a busy day. So, I'll share some snowy mountain photos and I'll make you wait for the rest.

This first set is from Highway 159 between Blue Diamond and Charleston. There were dozens of others with the same idea, I've never seen that road so busy. We were all stopping we were could, then, we'd hop out and snap photos. It was really neat to see so many people out there admiring the beauty.

This last set is from Highway 160 (from Pahrump heading to LV) I met my mom and I snapped these on the way back.

There were groups pulled off to the side that stopped to play in the snow. I couldn't believe those that were sledding toward the hwy. Fortunately, the speed limit is reduced to 50mph in this area, but still that's super dangerous. I tinkered with a new toy to create this. Click the photo for a full size image.

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