January 9, 2010

It's on!

Some how I managed to miss the news of Stratosphere's newest ride, the SkyJump. Fortunately, Frank catches most of the stories I miss so I'm never out of the loop for long. He told me about it over beers at PT's.

Frank: Have you heard about Stratophere's new ride?
Me: No?
Frank: it will be an 800-ft freefall, like Skydiving.
Me: Really?
Frank: Yeah, it'll be done in April.
Me: I'm there.
Frank: It's a hundred bucks.
Me: It'll be my 30th birthday gift to myself.

It's on. Build it, and I'm there. It wasn't just the Stella talking. I'm so psyched for this. I've wanted to skydive for years, this will be a good test to see if I'm up for it.


Dave P. said...

You're nuts!!

Can't wait for the report on that.

Kellee said...

Ha! Yeah, my husband agrees.

I can't argue otherwise, not in this case, anyway...