July 25, 2011


Saturday, we hit the trails at Lovell Canyon. My mom joined us for our maiden voyage. She met us at the Lovell Canyon turn off, it worked out well since it's about the half way point between us.

We set off for the trails about 1 o'clock. It was the hottest part of the day, but I was prepared for being in full sun. I wore long sleeves and jeans to protect as much as my skin as possible. I lathered my exposed skin in 70spf sunblock amd I reapplied a couple times throughout the day. The dirt stuck to me like a magnet, which was gross, but I'm happy to report I did not burn - Way to go Coppertone Sport! We rode the trails for over 3 hours and racked up about 80 miles.

I could not believe how well the RZR handled the trails. I was in awe. I had suspected it would be a fun ride, but nothing could prepare me for how much fun it truly was. I had a grin from ear to ear, until we picked up speed (we got it up to 60 mph). Then, I kept my mouth tightly closed to keep from swallowing any bugs. It got quite buggy in Trout Canyon. The ride was fantastic and the views were spectacular. Our money was well spent and this was just the first of MANY more adventures to come.


Jay said...

Looks like a ton of fun..and yes, sights are beautiful! That looks like many days of fun ahead for you guys.

How do you find trails? Is it just commonplace for such trails out there?

Kellee said...

We started exploring trails when we bought our jimmy a few years ago. Some you just see (and they lead to dozens of others), others we learned about from friends and an off-roading group called Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers. Also, there are always trails along gas pipelines and powerlines.

A number of trails have been closed in recent years, so that's a bummer, but there are people who don't respect the desert and refuse to tread lightly. It's really gross to see how much is dumped. A few ruin it for the majority. Trails near housing have been closed in Henderson and south Vegas.

Jay said...

Interesting...I had no idea...but it definitely looks fun.

Is it possible to bring a set of camping gear, some brats and a cooler of beer and make it a weekend? That to me sounds like heaven. Do ppl do that out there?

Kellee said...

There are campgrounds in Lovell Canyon and on the Pahrump side of Wheeler's Pass. I don't know what the rules are for camping on the trails, here, in town. Fires are a big no-no in the summer months, but during winter. People gather for fires near the caves, big crowds were out on NYE. We weren't the only ones with that idea to ring in 2011.

We've packed lunches for the trails, but we haven't done any camping. I suspect that will change. We really want to camp at the Racetrack in Death Valley, among other places nearby. I can see next year being the year of the great outdoors.