July 28, 2011

Our DINK Life

I can't recall the first time I heard the phrase "DINK", it must have been six or seven years ago. However long ago doesn't matter as much as identifying with it immediately. Frank and I enjoy our Dual Income No Kids lifestyle quite a bit and we see no reason to mess with it. We have had 14 amazing years together and we love being us. We don't have kids. We have toys and take vacations. I don't think our lives are any less fulfilled because of it. We all have the right to choose our priorities and having a family is just not one of ours. Much to the dismay of our friends and family.

They mean well. They do, but I must admit I cringe a little everytime I hear that dreaded question “So, when are you two going to have a baby?” As I get deeper into my 30's I hear it more and more. I can't help but give it thought, that window of opportunity is getting shorter, afterall. I love kids, I have no doubt Frank and I would be amazing parents, but this does not mean I want to be a mother. Everytime, Frank and I re-evalute our plans for the future. We are firm that we want to continue our DINK life. We never made a list stating reasons why, there was never a need. Then, yesterday I came across this list of The 11 Best Things about Being a DINK and it totally rang true. So true, in fact, I could have written it myself.

Who knows in a few years, I may feel differently? Maybe I won't. In the meantime, we'll be us and you might remember? I love us.


Anonymous said...

Love this! Thanks for writing.

Kellee said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment.