July 26, 2011

Closer to home

Sunday, we stayed closer to home for our off-road adventures. Without the extras we need, we wanted to stick to trails that we know. Especially, since it was pretty hot outside. You don't see many passerby's in the heat of summer. Only nuts like us (and two others on dirt bikes). Most people head for the hills, mountains really, where temperatures are significantly cooler. Like Lovell Canyon and Indian Springs, locally.

We started out near the southern most foothills in the valley, these trails open up and run along the train tracks and powerlines, they take you out past Sloan and along I-15.

Monsoons chased us home, while there we went for swim to cool down, and when the storms cleared a bit we hit the trails around the Spring Mountains. These trails offer stunning views of the valley and Red Rock. They are among my favorite and the best part? They are just a couple blocks from home.

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