July 12, 2011

A Quickie

We made a quick jaunt to San Diego and I did not want to come home. That's right, I wanted to stay there and soak up more of the California sun. Yes, it shined. The sun shined the whole time. Truth be told I soaked up too much sun (while trying to dry out after getting hit by a wave). I got the worst burn of the year while in La Jolla. Anyway, the weather has been so hot and muggy, here at home, thanks to the monsoons it was nice to getaway for a bit. We caught the tail end of San Diego's heat wave so I never caught a chill like I usually do. It was sunny and 80, perfection, really.

We went down to see the Dirty Heads at the Liquid Aloha Festival. They haven't had a show here since last year so we had to go to them. I'm so glad we did. As luck would have it, the venue was at the park that is across the street from our favorite bakery, Con Pane. Home to the best sandwich I ever ate, the Italian. Kona Brewing Company sponsored the event so it was $5 Firerock, Longboard and Wailua Wheat. A show with good beer! And all the proceeds were donated to protect the coastal waters. All the bands were enjoyable and the Dirty Heads did not disappoint.

We stuffed ourselves silly squeezing in as many eats as we could in such a short time. We got our fill of Mexican food and enjoyed another great meal at Whisknladle. I can't wait until next month when we return.

La Jolla

Where we were when I got soaked, one big wave is all it took.

The beach was insanely crowded!

All nice and calm...

Until birds attack, this would freak me out if I was in the water.

I bet the bird whisperer wouldn't mind, "watch it, lady. Incoming."

So SoCal


Dewey said...

Great shots, especially of the sea lion.

Jay said...

Looks beautiful. Love that camper with tent-like sleeper on top. Cool.

Kellee said...

Thank you!