July 19, 2011

I Forgot

I had planned to share photos of Mt. Charleston today, but I forgot my camera... For the second day in a row. I guess I have Breaking Bad on the brain I have no other excuse. We were at a party on Sunday so we didn't tune into the Season Premiere until yesterday when I got home from work. Let me tell you it was one long ass day, I couldn't wait to get home. I haven't felt that sort of anticipation since I was a kid waiting for Santa to come. I'm happy to report "Box Cutter" did not disappoint in fact it exceeded my expectations. It's going to be another good season. I can feel it.

Day to day has been quite busy lately. I wish it'd slow down a bit. We're flying through summer. I see all these fall decorations and things in stores and it kinda depresses me. I don't want summer to end.

We do have some fun stuff coming up so there are perks to these days zipping by like minutes.

It looks like we might be getting our new toy this weekend. We just need confirm with the Polaris dealer that our RZR 4 is ready to come home. If not this weekend, it will be soon. I can't wait to get out and play in the desert.

Dirty Heads booked a Las Vegas show. I couldn't believe it, after months and months of checking dates there it was "Dirty Heads and The Wailers" at Mandalay Bay Beach on July 30. I booked tickets right away.

The following week we'll see Weezer at Red Rock. Our friend Shane will come in from Phoenix for it, I'm sure we'll have some good times during his visit.

We booked another trip to San Diego. We'll visit friends, bet ponies at Del Mar and check out the food truck fest, see a Padres game and hit up our favorite haunts. Then, the second leg of our trip will be spent in Anaheim, where we'll catch a couple White Sox games.

While we're away, my brother comes in for an extended, possibly permanent vacation. I'm really not sure of his plans. I don't think he is either. But he's coming, my mom needs surgery and he'll be here to help her out. He hasn't had luck finding employment in Chicago so it sounds like he's gonna give life out here another go. It's been a year since he's been out, and I haven't seen him since I went there in February. It'll be good to see him. I'm sure fun will be had.

Labor day we could have a full house. We have at least one friend coming in from Texas and our friends from San Diego might be joining us, as well.

October brings cooler weather and also our trip to New Orleans. I'm very excited to experience a new city.

We return to San Francisco for our annual trip in November. I'm sure we'll stuff ourselves silly.

That will be our last trip for the year. I'm sure I'll be counting down until January, anxious for my vacation days to be renewed. But if all goes according to plan, we'll be banking those for my dream vacation to Italy. Work needs to pick back up, I'm counting on my end of year bonus to make that trip happen. Our Italy fund has accumulated savings, but not enough to cover the whole shebang. If, for whatever reason, it's not meant to be, we'll wait. We'll dash off to Xpu-ha to drown our sorrows in Mexican beer, the Caribean Sea and white powdery sand beach. Oh, and we'll eat our weight in tacos from El Fogon. Ok, maybe not, but many will be enjoyed.

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