July 15, 2011

If I could just find the pot of gold

Normally when we drive to California it is as dry as can be until the Cajon pass. And then, the humidity begins to climb and it continues to rise as we head to the coast. This recent trip was a bit different.

The monsoons cloaked Las Vegas in a thick blanket of clouds and humidity. I felt like I had to chew the air before I could breathe it in. The weather had been muggy as can be since July 3rd and it didn't let up until this week, by late Monday the clouds finally cleared out. Cooler temps rolled in and let me tell you it's been Gorgeous is Sin City.

This was not the case last weekend. While we were enjoying the upper 70's in San Diego. Those back in Vegas were dealing with triple digits, high humidity and flash floods. I thought the storms would pass by the time we made it back. We did dodge them on our drive, but we caught dozens of rainbows from the showers in the distance. It was a lovely sight. As we drove by Baker, CA. The humidity climbed. We were icky sticky and it continued the whole way home. It was so odd, usually by then you've driven the desert long enough to dry up any residual dampness from the coast.

Here's a look at jsut a few of the rainbows we spotted between Baker and Primm.

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