June 3, 2011


It seems there was no escaping a sinus infection this allergy season. Last year, the allergy shots kept me healthy. This year, there was no match for the wicked winds. I've had a sore throat since New York, and I fight congestion on and off. But the latest bout of winds, the ones that dropped our temps from 90 to 70 over Memorial day weekend, kicked my ass. Pressure began to build fiercely on Monday. Tuesday, I was absolutely drained. Wednesday, I thought my head would explode. By Thursday, I was contemplating buying stock in Kleenex, because I had just polished off a new box in less than 24 hours. After two days in bed, watching movies and finishing Sons of Anarchy, I was feeling a bit better and I was too bored to stay home. I'm back at the salt mines today. Just waiting for the clock to strike four. I'm anxious to return to my bed.

In other news, I did muster up enough energy yesterday to write my last article for Living-Las-Vegas. After much thought, I decided to quit my weekly writing gig. Work is picking up and free time is harder to come by. Rather than stressing about how I would juggle it all, I took the easy way out simplified. This way my free time, is mine. I can do with it how I see fit, and I can explore more of what's out there. Unleash more creativity, perhaps?

No worries, I'll still be blogging regularly, sharing adventures and giving the scoop on new dining finds.

My last article is a write up on the latest food and music festival to hit downtown, last month was the first opportunity I had to check it out; it certainly will not be the last. Vegas Values: StrEATS.


Jay said...

Although I can totally understand what you're saying about your free time, I'm bummed the articles will stop. I will admit I was a bit panicked that you were about to say that you were going to stop blogging...now that would have been very, very, *very* bad news.

Good to hear you're feeling better.

Kellee said...

No worries, the blogging will continue.