June 6, 2011

Damn fine night for a cruise

This weekend was fairly low key. We mostly hung by the house working to scratch more things off that ever growing list of things to do. We tended to the yard and washed the windows. I cleaned house, did laundry and stocked up on groceries, while Frank took three of our cars to be washed and waxed.

We got out Friday night for dinner at the Yard House. They were out of Kronenbourg. Boo. I ended up trying North Coast Scrimshaw. All fall and winter I loved ordering angel hair pasta, but the last two times I ordered it, it wasn't very good. I think I'll hold off until eggplant is back in season.

Saturday night we set out for a cruise. I love nights in the summertime. We had a good taste of summer this weekend, hopefully the warmth stays put. The winds keep chasing it away. Anyhow, we drove out to the Hoover Dam. Unfortunately, you can only walk the bridge dawn to dusk. We were still able to drive over the dam and park on the Arizona side. The quiet was deafening. It was eerie to be out there, I'm so used to it bustling at all hours.

On the way back home, we stopped at Club Fortune. We didn't stay too long they took out the Rhino slot we liked so much and we opted to keep our losses at a minimum. We were craving a cool sweet treat. We thought we might check out Nielson's Frozen Custard, but they were closing at 11 o'clock and with only a couple minutes to spare, we'd never make it in time. Instead, we picked up a couple shakes from In-N-Out. The breeze whipped through our hair while we enjoyed our shakes, as we drove by the glimmery lights headed for home. It reminded me that summer is near. Oh! I've missed it so.


Jay said...

Those are great pictures...it makes me want even more for the great wide, beautiful west. And the cruise you mentioned sounds wonderful.

Speaking of cruises - do you know if Bullhead City/Laughlin offers one at night up to the Hoover Dam and back?

Kellee said...

Davis Dam makes it impossible to get to Lake Mead/Hoover Dam from Laughlin.

Hoover Dam creates Lake Mead, Davis Dam forms Lake Mohave which extends from Searchlight to Bullhead City. The Colorado river then flows to Goose Lake and onto Lake Havasu. Which is formed by Parker Dam, the deepest dam in the world.

There are boat tours from Lake Mohave that take you near the base of the Hoover Dam, from Laughlin you can take jet boats ro Lake Havasu.