June 27, 2011


Saturday, after I running my usual errands plus a few others, Frank and I found ourselves in the pool. It was about 5:30 when he said to me, "We could have Mexican in Laughlin for dinner if we leave now." I gave him a look and agreed, "we could." There was no reason not to go, so we went. Before leaving we called to see if we could snag a comped room, it was available! Frank secured the reservation while I packed us an overnight bag. Minutes later, we were on the road. We made great time, only 70 minutes. The speed limit was raised to 75 (somewhat recently) and traffic was extraordinarily light.

We had dinner at Casa Serrano. Frank had his usual, the El Padrino ($10.50). I tried their carnitas for the first time ($11.00). They weren't bad, but not tasty enough to ever order again. The salsa and chips hit the spot, though. The tortilla soup was tastier than I expected and get a load of their drinks, thirsty much?

After filling our bellies, we checked into the Colorado Belle. Frank flipped on the tv and was surprised to find porn. That's one way to welcome guests. We hit the casino, initially losing at everything we touched. We wandered over to Edgewater, but didn't stay long. We walked over to Pioneer, they gave Frank $35 free play, $25 meal voucher and three $5 matchplays. He used his free play and match play. We walked out $36 ahead. Back at the Belle, he played poker and I went to the bar to play video poker. I did well, played awhile and eventually hit 4OAK to walk away with $100. Frank made a little playing poker, too. He played a couple slots, after, but I quit while I was ahead. Back at the room we were surprised the free porn continued. Free room, free porn and I broke even. Win!

Sunday, after a trip to the outlet mall, we drove over to AZ (cheaper gas) we had lunch at El Palacio for more yummy Mexican. We took advantage of the lunch menu and ordered tostado and tamale with chicken and cheese flauta. Of course, we enjoyed more salsa, as well. Bill came to $15, you gotta love it.

On our way out, my belly was once again full. I told Frank that I'm an Italian Mexican stuck in an Irish girl's body. He agreed it's true. It is, it really is. I need to adopt an Italian and Mexican grandmother to teach me to cook. Anyway, we stopped for lottery tickets and soon found our way home. It was such a great impromptu getaway it only cost us $45 and gas. We got home in enough time to complete projects around the yard, so it was still a productive weekend too.

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Tara said...

How awesome that you guys can just take off and have spontaneous trips like that! The food looks great! Hoping to catch up with you next week when I'm there. I'll shoot you an email!