June 15, 2011

More Eats From StrEATS

After our taco taste test, we were still a bit hungry. We were already downtown so I suggested we check out StrEATS. The line-up of Food Trucks were a bit different this month, but that's part of the fun... seeing who shows, and tasting the variety of grub.

At StrEATs.

Food Slingers, Philly Cheeze Steak ($8). Bread was dry, meat was tender and the cheese was nice and melty. However, overall, it was very average and hardly worth the wait.

Food Slingers on Urbanspoon

Muncheez, Cheesy Lovers Delight with Bacon ($5). Not good on any level. Dry flimsy bread, congealed cheese and bland bacon.

Muncheeze, Piggy Mac: bbq pork with jalapenos and mac n cheese ($6). Potential was there, but the wheat bread choice was really poor.

Muncheeze Grilled Cheese Truck on Urbanspoon

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