June 16, 2011

Signature Staycation

We were long overdue for a stay at the Signature. Months ago I booked a night and we anxiously away our stay. We were in tower 1 this time, which was a first. The room was comfortable as ever, we requested airport view, but oddly all they had was strip view. We lounged in bed, soaked in the tub and really enjoyed ourselves. It was just what we had been needing.

We napped a bit, then dressed and headed out to be tourists. Frank hit a straight flush on $1 Jacks or Better, we now had a $250 bankroll, but we took $20 to the cage and got two rolls of quarters for signma derby. We played for a couple hours, it was a fun crowd and drinks were flowing. We bet big for our last race because we had to get to dinner, we had 7:00 reservations and it was already ten after, but we lost. Tremendous fun for little money.

We had an excellent dinner at Fiamma, then we walked over to Trop to see the new look. They have up to a $200 money back guarantee on new sign-ups so we hit the high limit slots and played $5 slots. We won $300. It couldn't have worked out better. We took the money and ran. We checked out Hooters since we hadn't been inside since it first opened. What a depressing place. We did a lap and left. No cute girls, dead crowd, one $3 BJ table, the rest of the limits were $5+. Back at the MGM, we returned to sigma derby and played until our quarters ran out. We had prosecco back at the hotel, we enjoyed the warm night on the balcony and took in the lights before retiring to bed.

Monday, we lounged around and then packed up. Another great stay at the Signature was behind us. The only thing more fun than playing tourist, is being lucky while playing tourist.

Balcony views...

PH Westgate Pool

Signature Tower 2 Pool

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