June 9, 2011

Toy Shopping

Over Memorial Day weekend, Frank took Bill out to the desert to do some shooting. It was the first time in several months that the Jimmy has been let loose in the open desert. Not because we've tired of it. We actually miss the desert a lot. It's just that the Jimmy is an outrageously expensive toy. Whenever, we take it out, it will inevitably need repair. Those expenses have cost us an arm and a leg in recent years.

We've had a repeat problem with the steering. One wrong bump causes it to fall out of whack. This issue reared its ugly head while they were out in the desert. Frank called me to come to their rescue with tools. I knew how to get to the trailhead, Frank said he'd meet me there. When I pulled up, he was getting out of a Razor. A friendly off-roader gave him a lift. It was no ordinary lift, it was the ride of his life. He had a great fun on the short ride, they flew over the desert terrain like it was nothing. The Razor handled it shockingly well, it was a smooth ride at a quick pace.

We talked about the Razor on the ride back to the Jimmy. I think we made up our minds before we even arrived. We wanted one! The next hour or so we tried jarring the Jimmy's parts back in place, but we had no such luck. They had to loosen some bolts and work a little magic to get it back home. As soon as I got home I looked into the different models and prices. I was easily sold on a Ranger RZR 4. Days later Frank went to check them out at a local dealer. He came to me looking for a reason to talk him out of it, I think, but he wasn't going to get it out of me. I want one just as bad, and it seems like the perfect solution. We've had our fun with the Jimmy. We know its limits. Because of its weight, size and drivability there have been many trails and destinations off limits. The RZR is designed for the desert, we should have far fewer issues. Even when something arises, it will be a simpler fix. Recoveries will be far easier too. We want the four seater so we can take friends and family out with us.

Last weekend, Frank took me over to the toy store. There is just no comparison to the RZR, none. We fit great, inside, side by side. The back seat is a bit snug, but Frank was able to fit. So, it'll be no problem bringing folks with us. He's already begun the negotitations. We are working to secure the funds. It looks like it is just a matter of time. I cannot wait to be tooling around desert in one of these bad boys. I'm sure awesome adventures lie ahead.

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