June 21, 2011

Now that's better...

Less than two weeks ago, I was whining about sneaky airlines and having no vacations marked on the calendar. Today, Southwest announced their 40th anniversary sale offering fares from $40-$120 thru 6/23.

I jumped on non-stop flights to New Orleans. I'm relieved to book on Southwest, too, because we'll be traveling in October during the tail end of Hurricane Season. This way, we can cancel and keep the credit for a future trip if need be. I also reserved our hotel. I can cancel without penalty up to 72 hours before so if a better deal comes along we can rebook.

I can taste the jambalaya already.

I also pulled the trigger on flights to San Francisco for our annual November trip. Flights are $2 more this year compared to when I booked on Southwest's 39th anniversary. At the rate fares have increased, I'll take it. Our usual hotel, Tuscan Inn is way too pricey right now. We might stay elsewhere. There are no great deals to be had right now, but since it's five months out I'm comfortable with waiting it out a bit. I'll keep an eye out and hope for a bargain.

I can't wait to dig into some Dungeness crab.

M'mmm, I'm hungry.

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