August 24, 2009

What else?

More food talk. After a nice quiet weekend, that’s all I have to share.

We’ve been to John Cutter three times now. The sandwiches are great, and I love their house salad. Last night, after watching Inglorious Basterds – good flick, by the way - at Red Rock we swung by John Cutter for ½ price steaks. Frank had the bone-in ribeye and I had the filet. The filet was the better of the two, both were over salted. Neither of us was too impressed, we would’ve rather noshed on their yummy sandwiches. Fortunately, the check was only $28.

Sunday we set out for a new place to try for breakfast, Frank asked for any ideas I had for places south of us or out in Henderson. Nothing came to mind so we drove until something caught our attention. We ended up at The Griddle on Eastern near Serene. It sounded like a great name for a mom and pop type place. They serve breakfast and lunch, the place was busy, diners filled the tables inside and out. It all made it seem promising.

We grabbed one of the few open tables inside, we were greeted and the server ran over the specials. We were told the skillet with feta and pitas was “fucking awesome” strange, but whatever… we didn’t heed his recommendation. Instead, we decided to go simple, a sausage and ham omelet for Frank and pancakes for me.

Our food was quickly delivered. I had three large pancakes and Frank was presented with a sad flat omelet topped with ham, sausage and cheese. We both prefer fluffy omelets with goodies stuffed inside. Strike one. The sausage in the omelet was terrible; it looked and tasted like the boxed microwavable sausage (found in your grocer’s freezer aisle). Strike two. My pancakes were heavy and dry, they tasted like Bisquick. Strike three. The bill was a little more than twenty bucks. The Griddle was a huge disappointment. That area must lack breakfast joints, because it couldn’t possibly be the food that drew people in. We probably should’ve tried the “fucking awesome” skillet, but c’mon pancakes and omelets are fairly simple, any decent breakfast place should do them well.

We learned that there is no reason to leave our neck of the woods for breakfast. We must be hoarding all the great places on the west side of town, and competition must keep them on their game. Original Pancake House, Maple Tree, Cracked Egg, Omelet House, Hash House a Go Go, Hash House and even Siena Bistro all offer something great for breakfast, and they’re all nearby. There might be one more to add to that list, Jamm's Restaurant. Still haven’t gotten around to trying it. We must remedy that.


Hurricane Mikey said...

Oh yeah, you've *got* to try Jamm's. Get the 'bowl-0-bread' when you're there.

But you're not hoarding all the good breakfast places on the west side. We too have an Omelet House, Original Pancake House, and a Cracked Egg here in Henderson. Y'all can keep the Hash House--I didn't much care for it. We've also got several Blueberry Hills over here on this side of town, too.

And lest we forget, the MOTHER of all breakfast joints, the Peppermill, is on the EAST side of the Strip.

Take that, westsiders!

Kellee said...

Aha! There's a never I hadn't thought of, I haven't been to the Peppermill.

I've tried the Blueberry Hill on Decatur/Charleston. I wasn't a fan. I ordered pancakes with blueberries. I assumed it'd be fresh fruit. Nope, it was covered in compote. Blech! Fruit is naturally sweet enough for me. I'll never understand why everyone is so quick to sweeten it.

Hurricane Mikey said...

Yeah, out of all that I mentioned, Blueberry Hill is my least fave, but some people love it.