August 17, 2009

Blah, blah, blah

Weekend was pretty quiet. It was just what we needed. The only outings to speak of were dinner at Casa Don Juan. Carnitas. Followed by drinks and cards with friends. Frank spent ten hours, Sunday, at the Suncoast betting on ponies with his uncle and his uncle's friend. They were up and down all day, but they managed to end the day with an exacta that paid $421 at Balmoral. That covered their losses and sent them each home with winnings. Meanwhile, I worked on projects around the house. Not nearly as fun, but the stuff must be done.

We thought about making a quick overnight jaunt to Laughlin, but the best rate quoted was $75/night. We'll stay home, thanks.

This morning Frank went with me to the Allergist so he could learn how to administer my shots. Now, I'll only have to make a trip to the office every other week or so. That's such a relief. Twice a week, bright and early hasn't been fun, and lately it hasn't been so bright. Days sure are getting short. Where did summer go? I am going to miss it.

Weather was wonderful this weekend. Temperature wise, anyway. Smoke from California fires blew in on Saturday. Air quality has been crummy and the skies are hazy. Hopefully, they'll be out soon and we'll be able to breathe easier.

Family drama. It breaks my heart. All I want is happiness for those I love.

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