August 25, 2009

New toy!

You might remember me talking about wanting a new camera, specifically, the Canon Powershot D10. Well, I finally got it! It is indeed waterproof, underwater photos and video come out pretty well from what I can tell. Frank has tinkered with it in the pool. The water has been too cool for me to give it a shot. As long as there is a light source video comes out quite clear, even at night. Below are test photos from around the yard and indoor photos of last night's dinner, as well as, my latest addiction.



Macro w/ 3x optical zoom


Macro w/ digital zoom

Auto w/ optical zoom


Macro w/ optical zoom





Smoked gouda stuffed pork chops, yum!

My latest addiction...

White and dark chocolate covered espresso beans from the Human Bean, a drive up coffee stand at Ft. Apache/Hacienda.

I knew I'd have to sacrifice a few options if I wanted to go rugged, but so far I'm pretty pleased. The quality seems to be about the same as my 12mp Kodak. Except now, I have the added benefits of my camera being waterproof and shockproof. This Canon also offers more features than I haven't even begun to delve into. I strictly played with it's point and shoot capabilities. I'm anxious to get out and break it in.

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