August 7, 2009


Are you a slow or fast eater?

Frank and I always leave my mom in dust. She's a slow eater. She said it was nice having Amy around because she's slow, too. Frank is real quick. I think I've sped up over the years by keeping up with him.

Last night we grilled steaks for dinner, Pete joined us. We all finished up about the same time except for my mother-in-law. She’s always the last one to finish her meal.

Do you think it's impolite not to keep pace?

I sit until they’re practically done, then I start clearing plates. If it were a formal dinner, I'd wait until everyone was through. Frank will often get up when he finishes. He doesn't like to linger. He gets antsy.

I also wonder what sets our pace? Is it our upbringing, environment, company?

I never gave it much thought before, it was my mom’s comment that made me take note. I’ve found myself pondering these questions at dinner ever since.


Unknown said...

I'm a fast eater, but when I'm entertaining, I like to linger and chat at the table - even if it's only over multiple glasses of wine because I've finished eating. I had to train my husband not to bus the table the minute the last fork was put down - he's too efficient for entertaining....(growing up - I was the slow one - so go figure how fast my dad must eat :-0

KathyinNY said...

I'm a fast eater also except when I'm with people I don't know that well, I get self conscious. My mother was a slow eater too so I think age has something to do with it.

Dave P. said...

I'm a fast eater. I don't know where it came from, or when it started. I have to force myself not to start busing the table while the family is still eating. But sometimes, I just can't help it.

Kellee said...

I gotta admit I find the behavior oddly facinating. I can't help but pay attention to it when eating with others, now. Over the weekend, I took note at the restaurants we dined, most began busing as one finished. So, I don't think it's terribly rude for us that are quick to clear dirty plates. As long as we don't snatch them away mid bite I'd think we're ok.

Unknown said...

Kellee--the difference is that in a restaurant, they want you out so they can fit in another $$$paying party at your table. That's why they bus immediately. Such cannot be said of dining in my home....So that's how I've tried to train my husband :-)

Kellee said...

I suppose that is true. I didn't take that into consideration.

Dinner was at Stratta last night. They waited until three of us were done. I think they attempted to wait for MIL, but realized it was going to be a while.