August 12, 2009

Food and games

We ate well this weekend, a little too well judging by the tightness of my jeans today. Our food adventure began Friday with the Carnitas at Casa Don Juan. I’m still thinking about those, by the way.

Saturday we had lunch at Siena Deli. Frank and I have found the perfect lunch, we order a Sicilian sub, an eggplant parmesan sandwich, and a slice of Sicilian pizza. Then, we share. It works perfectly for us. The in-laws had a chicken parm sandwich and the Siena which is a chicken cutlet with spinach and olive oil. The latter was dry, I can’t recommend it.

For dinner we tried Khoury’s Mediterranean. We never been before but I’ve been curious about it since it was named a “Best of Las Vegas” a couple years back. In-laws wanted something different so gave it a try. We started with Foohl, it's like hummus but made with fava beans. It was very good. It was served fresh pitas made in house, now those were damn tasty.

I wasn't terribly hungry, but I ordered a gyro because I wanted to know how it compared to others in town. Not too good. Fat Greek has the best around. Frank had shawarma, it was ok. His parents had a chicken gyro, grape leaves and eggplant; they were pleased. After dinner Frank ordered a Hookah. My in-laws had never experienced that before. Frank and I had a good laugh as they took their first hit. I prefer the hookahs at Paymon’s they seemed to burn smoother and they have far more tobacco flavors to choose from. Dinner was nice enough, but I’m in no rush to return.

Sunday we met Frank’s uncle for brunch at Siena Bistro. I simply adore this place; it’s such a gem. Prices are reasonable, the food is great and the view is lovely. What more can you ask for? I had the frittata with spinach and sundried tomato. It was wonderfully light and flavorful. The rest of the group had eggs and ham steak, an omelet, and Turkey BLT. Happy bellies all around.

Monday, we had dinner at Stratta. You can’t beat the Taste of Wynn menu; we knew we’d return with Frank’s parents after our last visit a couple weeks ago. Many good eats were passed around; we tried the margherita pizza, calamari, caesar salad, fried dates, sea scallops, roasted chicken and veal parmesan, as well as, chocolate toffee cake and tiramisu. The fried dates were the first dish frank and I didn’t care for. I thought they had a strong licorice flavor; too bad I don’t enjoy licorice.

Our last meal with the in-laws was at the Prime Rib Loft, last night. The restaurant offers two specials this month, surf and turf and chicken cordon bleu. Frank and his mom tried each. They both came with wine and dessert. I thought the wine was terrible, but Frank’s mom didn’t mind it. Dessert was a brownie topped with a scoop of ice cream. His dad and I both had prime rib. I was disappointed as mine was pretty tough. We also started with an onion loaf, their version of an awesome blossom only made with red onion. I used to think this place was great value. Now, I’m not too sure. Everything seemed to be off. Perhaps it was an off night? I hope anyway.

In between meals we passed the time with games. Card games at home, slots and bingo at the casino and pinball at the pinball museum.

Keno is still my game. I love Four Card Keno. I’ve only had one losing session since I started playing a few months back. That was Saturday at Red Rock. I’ve never won there, so it came as no surprise. Fortunately I only wagered twenty bucks. I thought maybe my streak had ended, and it wasn't just the Red Rock curse, but I'm happy to report I won at Orleans, yesterday.

Saturday after losing at Keno we resorted to the 11pm Bingo session. It was brutal. I didn’t come close to bingo once; I was practically sleeping by the end. The last game is a cover all, Frank’s mom won it, she made a cool $250. Too bad it didn’t hit on a countdown card, then it’d pay $1000. I was happy to see her win, of course, after that the bug hit her; she went back Sunday and Monday for more Bingo. She won twice more, but those were smaller jackpots.

The Pinball Museum hasn't moved yet, it was supposed to happen this summer but by the looks of it, the move is delayed. Playing the games is a fun way to the pass the time for little dough. I just love those old baseball games. There so much fun, Frank had fun playing with his dad, too.

How creepy is this? I think it’ll haunt me in my dreams.

And whose idea was it to put the, Hey kids… next to the sex tester. Seems like an odd fit. Dontcha think?


Christine said...

must. take. food. photos.

it's just not right to talk about all that food and leave me hangin.

Kellee said...

I know, I know. With any luck the new camera will take better low-light photos.

As often as I talk food. I should really have photos to add. I will work on it.