August 31, 2009

Restaurant Week: Simon

Simon at Palms Place was our choice to kick off Restaurant Week. We made reservation on OpenTable for noon. We were seated right away, only two other tables were occupied upon our arrival. The beautiful open dining room was filled with natural light, we were seated next to the glass doors that provide a pool view.

Our iced teas were delivered promptly, then we made our selections and anxiously awaited tasty eats. Frank's Caesar salad and my tomato soup were first to arrive. Pretzel rolls and zucchini bread followed. My soup was thick and bold it'd be great with pasta. The menu claimed it was served with a white cheddar zeppole but I did not receive one. The kitchen was behind and they weren't ready, I saw others receive them later. Frank's Caesar salad was crisp, the dressing was heavy on parmesan, which was pretty weak in our opinion. We like it better when it's less creamy and has more bite. Both breads were good, we particularly enjoyed the zucchini bread.

Service was sluggish whenever we needed refills on our iced tea. This continued throughout our meal.

Entrees were average. I had surf and turf tacos, the halibut tasted fishy and the steak was heavily flavored with lime. The guacamole and chips on the side were good. The salsa was smoky but otherwise bland.

Frank's Turkey Rueben was decent except for the sauerkraut which also lacked bite. His sandwich came with a side of fries but we practically had to beg for ketchup. We had to ask three times before some was brought to the table.

Shortly after our plates were cleared, we were told the rice crispy treats weren't done yet. They asked if it would be okay if we both had the milk and cookies, we were fine with the substitute. We were told they'd be right out. However, twenty minutes passed and no cookies were to be seen. My hour lunch was up and we were still waiting on dessert. Our waiter told us it'd be a couple minutes longer, we mentioned we were late and asked for the check. Minutes later, he brought that, but still no cookies. Another five minutes or so pass, and finally cookies and milk are delivered. They were warm and decadent. And they had better have been, I can make chocolate chip cookies in less than thirty minutes from scratch and I'm no chef. We finished our cookies and we were still waiting for the waiter to close out our check. By then our patience was terribly thin. We just wanted to go. Finally, he checked back and shortly thereafter we were on our way. Eight bucks for two iced teas brought our lunch tab up to $52 before tip. When leaving the host thanked us for coming, we mentioned that we wouldn't be back due to poor service. Our comment was left with no response. I cannot recommend Simon, it was a disappointing experience.


Christine said...

food porn! loves it!

$8 for two iced teas?! *eyes pop out of head* tea and soft drink prices are getting out of hand. the man is trying to stick it to us by not listing the price and i've decided to boycott beverages at restaurants. only good ole FREE tap water for me.

Kellee said...

I used to order diet, but then many restaurant charged for each one. That's when I switched to Iced Tea, L'atelier is the only place I can recall charging for refills.

Sadly, $4 tea is the norm.