August 10, 2009

A sad sight

Friday, while I worked, Frank took his parents to the Valley of Fire and then to Overton. They didn't take a single photo of the rock formations in Valley of Fire, but they photographed petrified logs.

Onto Overton...

I was last there five years ago. My mom considered buying a home there. Lake Mead was minutes away - beaches, boating, it'd be great. Trouble was they didn't have affordable horse acres. Thank goodness. Look at it now!

Seeing these photos was terribly sad for me. The Lake used to come midway up this boat launch.

They had to drive for miles before they found the lake.

Where families on boats and waverunners used to frolic in the water; Cattle now roam in the meadows.

I would have never imagined it'd look like this when I saw it five years ago. If someone told me, I'd never believe them.

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