August 18, 2009

Happy accident

Forgot to mention one tidbit, on Saturday, Frank and I set off to try the restaurant at Red Rock Country Club. We truly enjoy Siena's Bistro, so we thought we'd see what other gems are hiding at nearby golf courses. We drove by the residential areas, but completely missed the public entrance. Before we knew it we found ourselves on Charleston. We came upon a grill & tavern that has caught our attention previously, it's called John Cutter.

We were there, they offered outside dining and it was a beautiful early afternoon, needless to say we gave it a try and abandoned our country club quest.

John Cutter is basically an upscale video poker bar, they are owned by the same people who operate Sedona, Al's Garage and a few others around town. The menu offers traditional bar food with a sophisticated twist, as well as steaks, seafood and even breakfast.

There were several menu items that piqued our interest, it was a bit tough to choose, but eventually we settled on Philly Cheesesteak Flatbread, and a Krolly sandwich with ham, bacon, signature cheese sauce and other goodies. Instead of fries, we opted for the house salad which was mixed greens with champagne vinaigrette, tomatoes, cukes, feta and pine nuts. It was delicious. Our entrees were too! The Flatbread was good, next time I have to try the sandwich. The meat was tender, the onions and mushrooms provided excellent flavor and the gruyere cheese was wonderful. The Krolly sandwich practically melts in your mouth only to leave behind fantastic smokey flavor. Yum.

Portions were large, two could easily share, or you else you better come hungry. Our server was friendly and efficient. The total damage was thirty bucks and some change.

Other items worth a mention...

Steaks are 1/2 price on Sundays. That would make the bone-in ribeye $12. Definitely worth a try.

This tavern offers no beer on tap. Odd. Lose a point. But they have Pacifico. Gain a point.

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