August 19, 2009

I have issues

As I mentioned before my clothes have been feeling a bit snug lately. I’ve gained three pounds and an inch all around since January. Not good. Most of the damage has been done in recent months. I slacked off on regular exercise back in April when I got so sick from my allergies. I made an attempt to get back on track in June, but I wasn't committed and I completely abandoned any dedicated exercise until this weekend. Between the whirlwind of visitors, doctor appointments and other daily activities I was beat. No exercise combined with lots of good eats is recipe for disaster. I was a lazy slug. Fortunately, I recognized it before too much damage was done.

Sunday, I started my “slug no more” challenge. I plan to commit myself to 30 minutes of dedicated exercise every day for six weeks. I hope that will get me back on track. It should as long as I don’t go overboard during the greatest week of the year.

Yes, I mean Restaurant Week. It’s less than two weeks away. Excuse me while I wipe away the drool.

We’d love to do a different restaurant everyday like we did last year, but I’m not sure we’ll be able to swing it. Funds are a little tight. However, several menus are $30.09 so we should, at least, be able to sample a few.

Click here for a listing of participants

At first glance these are a few contenders...

Todd’s Unique

Until then, I’m saving my pennies in hopes we can try them all.

See, why I have issues? I can’t even get through one post about exercise without hijacking it by talking wonderfully scrumptious food.

Seriously I need help. I watch Food Network while I exercise on my lunch break. Guess who is on at noon? Paula Deen. The queen of butta, sour cream and mayo. It’s fortunate I’m not a big fan of the latter two, and only use butter to bake. Meals I make at home are usually quite healthful. At least, I got my home cooking under control. Now if I could only control my dining… Nah, who am I kidding? I enjoy it way too much. Exercise is the only answer, even if it’s while watching Paula Deen.

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