August 6, 2009


While I worked, Frank took his parents to the beach at Lake Mead. We haven’t been in years, probably five; I guess the beach is in pretty bad condition now. Receding waters have only left mud behind. The Suburban nearly got stuck; it was tough to walk in too. Needless to say they didn’t stay long.

Instead, they came home and spent the day by the pool with margaritas. Frank wondered why he bothered with the beach. And I was reminded how much work gets in the way of fun.

When I got home we went to M Resort for dinner. They sent us 2-for-1 coupons for the buffet and the voucher counted as a line pass. We had his parents sign up for the player’s club card so they could get their few bucks off the buffet. After discounts and coupon it came out to $16.75/pp. Not too bad.

We had wine and beer. I was surprised most dishes were the same as the Seafood dinner. They had mussels, shrimp – peeled and fried, and three kinds of fish, even one Asian dish with snow crab. All that was missing was the King crab legs and the oysters. I knew what I liked from last time so I pretty much stuck to those dishes it was a good meal. The in laws enjoyed the buffet, as well.

Bellies full we wandered out to the casino. I tried my luck on Four Card Keno. It was good to me once again. I don’t know why, but I have been lucky with Keno lately. I play four numbers (quarters), a dollar a go, I usually hit four on at least one card during a session. That pays 91 credits or $22.75. I hit four out four three times before cashing out fifty bucks ahead. I was one happy girl. Frank broke even, his parents lost forty bucks. Not bad. I still love M, I haven’t grown tired of it yet. I definitely prefer it to every other local’s casino.

We left to hit Sahara for dollar blackjack. Frank and his dad were able to get on a table. I waited for a seat, but nothing opened up. You wouldn’t think it’d be that tough to find a seat on a Wednesday evening. Word must have really spread about the dollar tables. I never played at Sahara. So, I was able to hold onto my winnings from M. Sahara likely saved me money by being busy I suppose I should be thankful. Of course, now I’m itching to play 21. Maybe this weekend?

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