April 16, 2009

Wanted: Warmth

Mother Nature has been toying with us, again. We had a gorgeous weekend; even Monday was sunny and 80 degrees. Then, Tuesday the cold front blew in. Well, more like whipped in with insane fury. The news said we had 30mph sustained winds with 50-60mph gusts. After the first set of gusts it was calm as can be, I looked up, expecting to see green skies, and possibly a funnel cloud. The storm reminded me that much of those we had back in Chicago, the kind that brought on the air raid sirens and had us ducking for cover in hallways away from windows. Fortunately, no tornadoes here, all that followed was the second wave of the storm that included one, yes one, bolt of lightning followed by thunder. Afterwards, it rained off and on and the winds continued through the night.

My poor palms have taken a beating the last six months; they’ve battled snow, freezing temps and crazy winds. They’re looking pretty sad these days. I bet they’re looking for a break even more than I am.

Yesterday, we barely hit 60, it was damn cold. Today has improved a bit, high should be 64. It’s still chilly and windy. The winds stir up so much junk into the air I haven’t been able to breathe right since Monday. One minute my nose is stuffy, the next it’s runny; plus, I have a sore throat and killer headache. I hate allergies.

However, I am hoping that today is the last cool day. I’m ready for steady warmth. We’re anxious to swim. We’ve been waiting for the daytime highs to hang in the 80’s before we attempt to heat it. Otherwise, it would cost a fortune to maintain a comfortable temperature. Just a few minutes ago, I checked the forecast it looks like I have good reason to be hopeful. The next ten days range from upper 70’s to low 90’s for daytime highs. There isn’t even a mention of wind, just sunny skies. I hope it sticks!

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