April 21, 2009


Nah, I’m not talking about the decade or the music that came from it. Although, those were some great times – carefree, with little responsibility. All it takes is one song and the memories flood back. For instance, The Perfect Drug by NIN takes me back to the start of Frank’s and my relationship, late summer nights we’d hop in his Camaro and meet up with other street racers to squeeze in as many races as possible before the police would break us up. After we were chased away, we’d hit the convenience store and pick up Orbitz and honey buns. Ahh! Memories…

Getting back to the subject at hand - the weather, we’re having a bit of a springtime heat wave. Yesterday, I had a toasty drive home from work. I came home to find Frank and friends on the patio slipping on Margaritas. They worked up a thirst with an afternoon of off-roading and shooting, a nice cool cocktail hit the spot. They took off while I got dinner together, but then I joined Frank on the patio. It was perfect. It was a great reminder that summer is near. He was tempted to jump in the pool, it looked nice and refreshing. It’d be refreshing alright, but not so nice at 67 degrees. We want to heat it, but the temperatures are supposed to dip this weekend. The swings cost a fortune to maintain a nice warm temp of 85 - yeah, I’m a wuss. Frank likes it a bit cooler, but that’s my ideal temperature. We grilled steaks, asparagus and garlic bread. The taste of summer was grand! Thank goodness it’s right around the corner.

Today and tomorrow mid-90’s are forecasted. We’ll probably regret not heating the pool. We’ll be itching to swim. However, if the water gets above 70, I bet Frank will jump in. He doesn’t mind a cold plunge.

This weekend it looks like the heat wave will pass and we’ll be back to normal temps. I can’t complain, the heat will be here soon enough, I don’t mind a few more weeks of perfectly comfortable daytime highs and cool nights. I’m not ready to rush into air-conditioning season just yet.


KathyinNY said...

Can you explain the Orbitz drink? Does it have alcohol in it? I've never seen this drink before.

We are receiving some really warm summer weather here in upstate NY - gotta love it.

Kellee said...

No alcohol. It was a fruit flavored drink made by Clearly Canadian - remember the flavored waters by any chance? It was like those but with the edible gelatin like balls.

It was only offered in the late 90's for a short time - sales were poor.

Enjoy the weather!

KathyinNY said...

Interesting. I do not recall this item at all though. The weather is still beautiful here and I love those pictures in your last blog.