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April 17, 2009
From Wedding

Five years ago, today, Frank and I stood in front of eighty of our closest friends and family to make a lifelong commitment to each other. We waited seven years to become husband and wife. It was well worth the wait. It was a wonderful day. We had a beautiful ceremony at Mandalay Bay, a nice lunch reception at Luxor, followed by a fun filled night on Fremont Street. It truly was a special day, I'm so happy we did things our way instead of what is set by tradition. How many newlyweds have a group photo in front of a strip club? There's at least one, see...

I wouldn't of had it any other way. It's hard to believe it's been five years already. Time really flies.

Tonight, we'll celebrate at Lawry's Prime Rib. Before we married, when we lived in Chicago, each year for our anniversary we'd go downtown to Lawry's for a celebratory dinner. That restaurant occupies the old McCormick Mansion, it's beautiful. The one here lacks that special charm, but the food is just as tasty and service is top-notch. We haven't been in over a year, but we figured our anniversary was a good excuse to revisit. It should be a great meal.


Dave P. said...

Happy Anniversary Kellee! And to Frank too. Hope you have/had a wonderful day.

Hank said...

Really enjoy your site. Even more than Mikeys. Happy anniversary and many more.

Christine said...

5 years...hard to believe it's been that long. hope you had a great weekend.

KathyinNY said...

Happy Anniversary and many more. Time does fly by fast doesn't it.

My name is Kellee. said...

Thanks all!

Christine, yours is right around the corner. Seems like yesterday we were planning and stressing over the details, doesn't it?

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