April 6, 2009

Opening Day

There's something magical about opening day, it's a fresh start, hopes are high - anything is possible.

Regrettably, we missed Spring Training this year. We planned to go, but then we both had to make last-minute trips back to Chicago. Cubs and Sox even played a game here in Vegas, Frank watched from Chicago. Never would've expected that to be the case.

We have three chances to see the White Sox in California this year. There are two series in Anaheim, the first is late May and the second is in September. We're going to try to make both. They also play in Oakland mid-August. It'd be neat to see them there, too, but it's unlikely.

It is great to have baseball back. I enjoy football, I like playing the pick 'em contests and fantasy football. I even had fun with the NCAA brackets. I won $90 this year! I don't even need UNC to win tonight. No matter the scenerio, I win. But baseball is the only sport I enjoy for the love of the game. I am a true fan, it's the one case where I don't bet with my wallet or watch lines. I'm a White Sox fan through and through. Let's go White Sox!

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