April 8, 2009

Great TV

It’s been nearly a two year wait for the return of Rescue Me on FX. The crew was back last night – in full force. It was fast paced, quick witted, and then one minute you’re laughing and the next you could cry. I love a show that can tug at all of your emotions. The premiere didn’t disappoint. I’m thrilled to have my favorite show back. There are 22 episodes this season; I’m psyched to watch the stories unfold.

Last night, we also watched the season finale of United States of Tara. What a great show! It’s quickly become a favorite. Like Rescue Me, I love the highs and lows - You never exactly what to expect. Happily, it was renewed; Tara, Buck, Alice, T, Gimmy and family will be back next year for season two.

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