January 4, 2011

2010 Bests

All the snow has melted. I even saw the sun this morning. Now, if only we could have warmth... Soon. Soon. I was thinking about it yesterday, February is less than a month a way that means winter is nearly over. February has crisp days that are nice in the sun, nights are still chilly but I can certainly deal. I welcome 60's at this point.

Enough of my bitchin', how about some bests of 2010?

Best Bite - Sage at Aria, they blew me away with the restaurant week menu. I really need to return to see how their everyday menu measures up.

Best New Restaurant - Windy City Beefs N Dogs, It's fun to feel like you're in chi-town without ever leaving home. They've added gyros to their menu and they're good. Real good. They are scouting future locations, I hear there is even talk about a strip location. Imperial Palace is likely.

Best Find - Sushi Mon, we stumbled on this place and what a find?! All-you-can-eat fresh and delicious sushi.

Best Recipe - Spicy Chicken Stew, it's tasty, easy and healthy. 'Nuff said.

Best Getaway - Our spring trip to San Diego. We ate, we drank, we were merry.

Best Vacation - Xpu-ha, Mexico, this trip was long overdue. It recharged our batteries. It was just what we needed.

Best Concert - Dirty Heads, Henderson Events Center, small venue, dirt cheap tickets and one helluva show. Additionally, Any Port in a Storm was my favorite album this year.

Best TV Show - Breaking Bad, and I cannot believe I have to wait until July for Season 4. The horror. The horror.

Best New TV Show - Boardwalk Empire, with Scorsese, how could it be bad?

Best Movie - Social Network, even I'm a little disappointed in my pick. But this year was just dreadful for film.

Best Book - Winner Takes All, it's an older Vegas tale, but I read while in Mexico. It's a quick and enjoyable read. And one of the better told and fact checked books on Las Vegas history I've read. Interesting time to read it, too. Las Vegas' weak economy, Wynn abandons Vegas for Macau, Wynn had just snatched Marilyn Winn from Harrah's and CityCenter struggles... while Cosmo was gearing up to open.

Best Feat - In the worst times of Nevada history, highest rate of foreclosures and unemployment, Frank and I were both able to keep our jobs. Working in gaming and construction that's quite the achievement, we are incredibly fortunate. It was pretty bleak for awhile there. Here's hoping a better year is ahead for Sin City.

There you have it, the Best of 2010, according to me, based on my experiences.

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