January 20, 2011

Vegas Help Line

My mom was in town the last couple days to enjoy time with friends that were visiting from out of town. I first brought her to Las Vegas in 1999, she came as a tourist numerous times before making Pahrump her permanent address. She drove limos and shuttles busses so she was pretty well versed on the city. After a succession of injuries she could no longer work; these days she spends much of her time on her ranch and as a result she's a bit out of the loop on Vegas happenings.

This is a second visit for her friends. They stayed downtown last time and missed much of the popular Vegas attractions. This time she was determined to show them around. Her navigation skills are a bit rusty and billions (like 12) of dollars have been spent on resorts since her tourist hauling days. Las Vegas isn't the same place as it was a few years ago. So, I served as her help line.

Are there discounts to Love? Where should we eat before the show? Where are the restaurants located? How do I get into the Cosmopolitan's parking garage? We should we eat at MGM? Location? Anything worth seeing at the Tropicana? Where is the Planetarium?

Whenever she had a question, she called for general information, directions or recommendations. Fortunately, I have the strip and downtown mapped, and I'm filled with useless knowledge that likely bores my non-obsessive Vegas cohorts. They do exist -- I know, it shocks me too. She only came close to stumping me with the Planetarium question. I knew it was part of CSN, but I wasn't sure which campus it was located. Seconds later, I had the address and hours. I love sharing the information. If my experiences can aid in a better Sin City adventure, I've done my job.

I know there are apps for and dozens of websites dedicated to unlock the plethora of information on Las Vegas, but sometimes a phonecall is easier. I was happy to answer the call.


Lionel said...

That's cool that you have such Vegas knowledge! I know I have tapped into your vast Vegas food knowledge recently and I greatly appreciate a "local" take on my choices. Speaking of which, do you happen to know if I can find discounted tickets to Jersey Boys? I have always wanted to see it..


Kellee said...

There are occasionally locals discounts, $40 off the 161.00 seats is currently running. But for the general public? None that I'm aware of.