January 17, 2011

Movies & TV, okay football too

TV and movies combined have been dreadful. Seriously, I don't know how the Golden Globes were able to choose winners. The Academy should just cancel the oscars, truly. The best movie I saw in 2010 was the Social Network. Has Facebook invaded our lives so much so that is the best Hollywood has to offer. Really? The (HFPA) Golden Globes apparently thought so. I do agree it earned the Best Screenplay, but best picture? How sad is it that it was likely best picture (I haven't seen The Fighter or Black Swan)?

This weekend we caught The King's Speech and True Grit. Neither movie interested me in the least, but after complaining about such drivel friends urged me to see both. Admittedly, they were better than I expected. The friendships formed in each film were extraordinary. Both were well acted, but I didn't love either one. Each fell short, they took SO much time to build the story the endings fell flat. I couldn't help thinking, "I waited ALL this time, for this??"

As for TV, "Boardwalk Empire" was great. It's the best tv I've seen since "Breaking Bad". I cannot believe the BB premiere is delayed until July, by the way. Pure torture, I tell you. I liked "The C Word", "Louie" and I'm currently on board with "Episodes" but aside from those I failed to enjoy anything else new. Most shows seem to have trouble writing past the first season or two "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" might be one of the few exceptions. Well, that, "Breaking Bad" and "Mad Men". Old favorites have grown to be ridiculously trite like "Dexter", "Californication", "Big Love", and "Weeds" must be the worst offender. Even "United States of Tara" was a disappointment.

I had high hopes for "Shameless" I was loving the idea before the premiere, now, two episodes in, I like it less and less the more I watch. I wish they'd stick with the grit and forego the hokiness. Yet, "Episodes" is clever and witty. I hate hollywood fakeness and they poke fun at it like mad. It's the most clever thing I've seen since "Curb Your Enthusiasm". At least, I can look forward to that each Sunday night for the next few weeks.

While talking TV I mine as well mention football, because I anticipate the highest ratings in years next week. Bears vs. Packers, talk about a rivalry. Noise pollution in Wisconsin and Illinois will go up several decibels. Even right here in Vegas, it's going to be crazy! Steelers vs. Jets, now that's a big game, too. Bars are going to make hand over fist this Sunday. I'd put money on it.

The Bears' NFC championship rests on Cutler. I'd love to see him have a good day, it'd be great for Chicago and Bears' fans across the country to see them in the Super Bowl. I'm siding with the Jets, as well. As long as they put their best foot forward, they should have the game locked up. Har.


Jay said...

Ok, speaking of TV, have you ever seen Eastbound and Down on HBO? Yes, it's a totally un-PC show, but man, it's hard not to laugh at Kenny Powers.

Good luck to the (your) Bears...although I think the Pack are playing so well right now that they will be tough to beat.

Hurricane Mikey said...

There are two pretty great shows on network TV--well, good enough at least that I make a point of recording each one. Modern Family on ABC is usually good for a couple of laugh-out-loud moments each Wednesday night, and on Thursdays, Community on NBC is a can't miss--very clever. Some episodes, it seems, they try a *little* too hard, but some episodes (the paintball one) are absolutely fantastic.

Also, give Big Bang Theory a try. It took me awhile to get into it, but now I'm hooked.

Kellee said...

I watched the first season of Eastbound and Down, but I lost interest and never tuned into Season 2.

I do watch Modern Family. It is the best Network TV show on now.

I caught an episode of Community and it failed to thrill me. Maybe I should give it another shot? I used to be a fan of 30 Rock, but grew tired of it in its second or third season.

Big Bang Theory I tried to like. I've seen a few episodes over the course of a few years. I could not get into it, not even to watch as filler. I watch How I Met Your Mother for that.