January 24, 2011

Football is over

I know we still have the Super Bowl and all, but I no longer have interest. I know the Steelers and the Packers have a large fan base, but I have zero interest in supporting either team. I bought squares a couple weeks ago, so however those pan out will be my only interest in the game. It was a good season, I won my Fantasy Football league and it looks like I've locked up a victory in my Pick'em league.

With football drawing to a close, that means Frank will soon be back to Sunday and Mondays off. He'll probably be disappointed to lose golf time (he golfs, Mon/Tues), but having a common day off will allow us some adventures together. I want to get back to Red Rock Canyon and get more hikes in. Weekend getaways will be possible once again. We already have one weekend planned in San Diego. Then, we take vacation and it's back to working around the clock in preparation for March Madness. He'll get a brief break so we'll catch Spring Training in Phoenix, then it's back to the grind with the Madness Crowds. Then, there's a lull until the Derby. The damn derby has foiled plans of catching a Dirty Heads concert in Anaheim before a 3-game set of Angels vs. White Sox. The Dirty Heads have no Vegas dates for their spring tour and I hear they're going overseas for summer. It might be fall before I can see them again. Boo.

Back to football, those games yesterday were beatings. Seriously, the Jets and Bears played terrible. I caught much of the games with friends that were visiting from the Baltimore area. Our group of seven had lunch at America inside NYNY. Food and prices were better than expected, service was a bit slow (she seemed overwhelmed), but otherwise good. I had an enjoyable time playing tour guide. We went to Hard Rock and Flamingo, as well. Margaritaville was our destination at Flamingo, but they only have a few tvs, it's a terrible spot to watch games. I had no idea. I've only popped in for margaritas previously. We ended up having drinks and watching the Steelers/Jets game at Flamingo's Garden Bar. It sufficed, but my friend's cranberry and vodka was served in a dirty cocktail glass. It was rather gross. I said my good-byes and wished them well. Later, I got a text that she had hit a Royal Flush playing Jacks or Better. Lucky girl! It's been 7.5 years since my last Royal, which also happens to be my first. All in all, it was a good time. Lots of laughs! It sure is nice living in a city that so many frequent.

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