January 5, 2011

Let's Talk Goals

The New Year gives us another chance to get it right. "It" can be anything. Some choose resolutions, others simply set goals, but we all generally want to achieve some level of improvement. I don't think I've ever clearly laid out resolutions or goals for that matter. Timing, luck and encouragement from friends and family has gotten me where I am today. I'm very grateful. However, this year I'd like to set real goals. Simply saying I want to travel more won't do. Although, I do want to travel more. I really really do. That brings me to my first goal.

Get thy ass to Italy. We've been talking about our dream trip for ages. The time has come to make it happen. We've opened a savings account solely for Italy. I get paid weekly, and with each check we're socking away $50 into the Italy fund. $2400 won't exactly get us there in 2012 like I want, but when coupled with extra income like gifts, gambling winnings and bonuses it makes it far more doable.

Shrink thy ass. January 10 is the start of our health challenge. Frank is taking part in a "biggest loser" sort of challenge through work, his team is competing for the biggest loss. I'm tagging along on this challenge to shed a few pounds and to tone up some flab. This week has been splurge-tastic, but then we buckle down for the long haul. We will exercise at least 3x week, anything beyond that is a bonus. I will menu plan 6 healthy dinners a week. We get one day to relax. No going overboard, but we'll earn a day of freedom for sticking to the plan all week. The challenge runs until April. The big reward, besides abs of steel and a smaller ass -- oh, and better health -- is New York. The sweet glorious eats in New York City.

Move thy ass. I've talked about doing the Santa Run for a couple years now. However, it's been all talk. I will take part in the Santa Run this year.

Wisen thy ass. I've been talking about taking a photography class or workshop for quite sometime. Again, it's time to do it. I also need to attend monthly writers meetings. Crazy schedules and excuses kept me from most in 2010, the time has come to make it priority. It's worth exploring...

and lastly, don't be an ass I will work harder to build relationships.

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