January 7, 2011

Happy Friday!

I'm so happy the weekend is only a couple hours away. This has been a long ass week, but it's ended on a high note. It's been a great day! Frank was able to schedule an appointment he's been waiting a month to get. I registered for a photography class that'll start March 5. I also got a pleasant surprise when I opened my paystub, I got more money for Italy or a raise, depending how you see it. Things are looking up in Las Vegas! This is our first raise since 2008. The last couple years have been all about cost cutting, this is really fantastic.

I exercised 3x this week fulfilling my weekly goal. Frank and I are both geared up for the healthy challenge. This is our last weekend of indulgence for awhile. We have every intent to eat well, the piggies that we are. Tomorrow night we're seeing Lion King over at Mandalay Bay, I'm thinking we might check out Border Grill or Fleur. Frank hasn't cashed in his birthday dinner, so I'm thinking we might do that on Sunday. A fun weekend is ahead.

I'll leave you with the scoop on the New York-style slices at Cosmo, Vegas Values: "Secret" Pizza.

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