January 10, 2011

Much Needed & Shape Ups

I had a restful, yet fun-filled weekend and it was much needed. We really had a great time, and the best part was extra time together. We're coming up on 14 years and we still cherish time together. We haven't grown tired of one another -- imagine that. Frank only worked late on Friday, so we had plenty of time to just be us. We snuggled in bed, watched tv and laughed. A lot. We broke away to enjoy dinners at Raising Cane's, Miller's Ale House and Circo. Frank chose Circo as his birthday meal (over Delmonico) and it was a great choice. We had a perfect meal. Seriously, it was stellar. We also saw Lion King over at Mandalay Bay. It was good, but I felt they could have cut the intermission and a few scenes to package it into a 90-minute show. Still, I'm happy we got a chance to see it before it closes later this year.

All last week, we stuffed ourselves silly with our favorite eats. I've gained 5 pounds. I suppose that was the goal. Well, not mine, but Frank's, he wanted to bulk up right before weigh-in to be able to go after the biggest loss. My gain was casualty of being his dining partner in crime. Not that I'm complaining, my pants still fit. Thank goodness. Today starts our "Get Fit" challenge. I've planned 6 vegetarian meals to get us started. Yep, that's right we're going meatless! Tonight, detox begins. Greek salads are on the menu.

While I was out shopping for healthy groceries, yesterday, I couldn't help stopping in HomeGoods/TJ Maxx. I found a pair of Skechers Shape Up Toners for 40% off, I tried them on and they shockingly fit like a glove. I remember trying on a pair (by another manufacturer) when they first hit the market about three years ago and I felt like I was going to pop a knee cap. They were hard and generally very uncomfortable. These Skechers were like walking on air, so I bought them. I used them today during my workout, I'm still skeptical about their ability to burn more calories or provide additional toning, but I'll take any help I can get. Worst case, they'll tide me over until I need a new pair. Anyone been using these or something like it, and see results? Just curious.


Jay said...

A Get Fit challenge. Is that something offered through work or something you found online?

I loved the Let's Talk Goals post. I've started well in advance for a trip to Brazil to see the 2014 World Cup (soccer). Yes, it's 3.5yrs away, but there are supposed to be 4 of us going, and I don't want to be the one who says 'whoah, can't afford Brazil for a month!'. I want someone else to try playing that card!

I'm trying to recall - do you guys ever get to Laughlin? I'm taking my mother there in March and we're going with a few friends of the family. Although we're booked to stay at Don Laughlin's Riverside, I'm going to book a room for us at the Golden Nugget. Riverside is such a dirty, smelly place, I can't stand staying there. Anyway, would appreciate your take on Laughlin. I realize it's no Las Vegas, but hey, it's somewhere other than in the middle of a snowstorm!

Kellee said...

The challenge is through Frank's work. He's on a team, together, they are working to have the greatest loss after 10 or 12 weeks, I'm not certain which it is.

Definitely best to secure funds for any big trips, especially those where timing really matters like the World Cup, that'll be a really neat experience!

We do get to Laughlin every few months. We were just there late-Nov. We drove down for the day. We love the Mexican restuarant, Casa Serrano, at Riverside. We ate there, shopped at the Outlets and gambled at the Belle and Edgewater. We caught a comedy show, too. It was a good time.

We talked about going down on Sunday, room rates were $20 or less everywhere, but we stayed home.

We've stayed all over down there (exceptions are the Riverside, River Palms and Golden Nugget) and Harrah's is the nicest, Avi was the worst. Harrah's location isn't convenient, though. We tend to stay at the Belle. It's worn and dingy, but it's cheap and fine for what we need. We like Laughlin, it's a nice change of pace. Since it was home for us for awhile, it's extra special to us.