March 22, 2010

Last weekend of my 20's

This was the last weekend of my youth. In a few days I'll say so long to my twenties and welcome the thirties. I swear I was just 18. How does time sneak by so quickly?

Anyway, it was a great weekend.

The weather was beautiful. Spring is here. Officially. It should be warm from here out. I'm so ready for pool season. It's felt like our longest winter yet.

I finally caught up on all my laundry. I seriously didn't think it would ever end. My house is clean, too. Sad to wipe all those fingerprints away. But it was a huge relief to have that nagging to-do list fade away.

I baked five dozen cupcakes for Frank's employees. I make them for all the big sporting events. When it was for one property is was no trouble. Now, it's become an undertaking. I told Frank that if his crew gets any larger, we'll have to switch off for each event. The smell of cupcakes really started to get to me after the fourth dozen baked.

Also, ran errands and re-stocked the fridge and pantry. We were on empty. By the way, I have a quick bitch... 11:00 opening on Sundays blow when you get there at 10:00.

Saturday, I met up with the Vegas Message Board gang for a poker tournament at Binion's. This was my second time playing poker. Last year's tourney was my first. I busted out early then, but learned a couple lessons for this year. Those coupled with luck earned me third place. I was shocked. Making it to the final table was a big surprise, you can imagine my joy to collect winnings.

Later that night, Frank and I went to the VMB party at MGM's Terrace Suite. It was Frank's first introduction to the gang. We had a nice time chatting and enjoying the view. It was 2004 the last time we were at a Terrace Suite. The view has changed quite a bit since then, it's more crowded these days, but it's still just as dazzling as ever. I would've liked to have time to chat with everyone at the party, but we cut out after a couple hours. Frank was beat and had to be up again early. Even so, it was treat to attend, often we miss out for one reason or another.

Sunday night arrived. Frank finished his whirlwind weekend. March Madness was finally behind him. We winded down with the return of Breaking Bad. I am thrilled it's back. I've missed good tv. Tonight, United States of Tara returns, too. I'm excited.


Dave said...

Congratulations on your 3rd place finish in the poker tournament! Nice job. Quite an accomplishment for only your second time out.

Not to discount your poker skills or anything like that, but how drunk were the rest of the gang? :-)

Kellee said...

Haha... Unless they were still drunk from the night before, I think they were sober.

There was one cocktail server working the entire poker room, we had to share with others... phooey, plus she took food orders so cocktail service was on the slow side.

Christine said...

2004 in a terrace suite...wonder what that was for?!

i've been out of town and then out of town without internet, so i'm playing some major catch up on here. you do way too much stuff!

Christine said...

and Breaking Bad - so glad it's back. we watched Jackie and Tara online last month and love both of those now.

Kellee said...

Yeah, I wonder?

The suite below us was having a wedding reception. They had a dj, they were whooping it up electric slide and all.

I was wondering about you, hadn't seen updates in a while. Lack of internet explains it.

Good tv is just the greatest, isn't it?