March 12, 2010

Keepin' up with Rockstars

Last weekend friends came in from Chicago for the Bon Jovi concert. They were staying at Monte Carlo. We planned on dinner and drinks with them and uncle Pete. We opted for dinner at Diablo’s Cantina. Which was this week's topic for the LLV column, check it out Vegas Values: Diablo’s Cantina.

Here are a couple other photos for you food porn lovers out there.

After dinner and few margaritas we walked over to the Pub at Monte Carlo. There was a $5 cover, because Zowie Bowie was playing. However, the cover is waived for hotel guests. So, Marie and Irene were able to get us in for free. They thought it was fun to comp us since locals are usually the ones with perks.

We ordered a round of drinks. I went with my current favorite draft, Redhook Slim Chance. They had some happy hour special going on so I got two for one. I hate when they bring ‘em up front, though, the second one gets warm while it waits in the wings. Oh well, it just encouraged me to drink faster. Only issue was the second beer was not Slim Chance. It was some beer that tasted like cherry cough drops had dissolved in it. Blech. The next round, Marie, convinced me to try Longboard Island Lager. Not bad.

Meanwhile, Zowie Bowie took the stage. I’ve never seen them perform but they’re names are unavoidable between promotions, billboards, ads and special events. They played pop music, a lot of Black Eyed Peas, and they butchered Lady Gaga. They did get the crowd going, but they were pretty ridiculous. Better than other wannabe lounge acts, but I expected better. The chick in the duo continuously sang into a wind machine. Blowing of the hair and half nakedness must help her belt it out. The douchy guy was on stage most of the time with another guy that bounced about, he filled in while chickie disappeared every third song or so. I never imagined I’d say it, but I actually prefer Cook E. Jarr at Carnaval Court. He’s notoriously terrible, but that’s part of the act. Zowie Bowie plays the same stuff, it’s cheesy as hell, but I think they’re supposed to be taken seriously. Anyway, the more I drank the better they became.

It was all good fun. We had lots of laughs. 2am rolled around, I was beat. Frank and I decided we’d take off. Leaving the trio behind to party it up. I gotta say they’re rockstars, I pooped out before they did and I’m 20 years younger.


Tara said...

We stayed at the Monte Carlo last month and meant to checkout both Diablo's and the whole Zowie Bowie thing. Didn't end up doing either one though. Oh well, maybe next time, maybe not.....

Kellee said...

Not must-do's or anything, but both were fun nonetheless.