March 9, 2010

A Complaint

I would like to file a complaint. It's March. I saw flurries this morning. This is the desert. Did April Fool's come early? Meanwhile, folks back east are enjoying our spring temperatures. This is some kind of cruel joke.

Not fair. I want our warmth and sunshine back.

Thank you.

I have hundreds of photos to sort through and I have much to share. We tried a couple new restaurants this weekend. Stayed out late. Collected chicken eggs. Visited the Pinball Museum. Bowled with a 3 year old. Went to the Date Farm. And laughed a lot.


Tara said...

hmmm, flurries are no good. We have 60something and sunny in Columbus today. I feel like putting on shorts and flip flops!!

Kellee said...

My mom had snow in Pahrump. Go figure. I hope you're enjoying our warmth ;)