March 24, 2010

Death Valley: Scotty's Castle

The next stop was Scotty's Castle. There are a couple tours offered, but we weren't sure how Nicky would cooperate so we felt it was best to save them for another visit. We had an enjoyable time walking the grounds and exploring.

Nicky had never seen a payphone before this trip. He thought they were pretty neat.

After Scotty's Castle we had two options: we could head back thru the park and stop at Badwater and anything else we had time for or we could leave thru Beatty and stop at the Candy and Ice Cream shop.

Candy and ice cream won. We also made a stop at Gus' for jerky. Then, it was back to Pahrump. We got home around 6:00. We had a fun-filled day. Amy still has much to see on future visits. She wants to return with Jeff.

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