March 9, 2010

Grammy's farm

The first batch of weekend photos are from my mom's house on Saturday...

I brought over old asparagus to feed the animals. Cha Cha made a similar face as my mom did when I made her try it.

These are Nicky's photos. After he took these, he turned the camera around to show the horses their picture. It was very funny.

Nicky loves collecting the eggs from the chicken coop.

Looking for eggs.

The only thing he loves more than collecting the eggs is cracking them.

Wilbur likes eggs, can you tell?

More critters.

Nicky's pet rock.

Views from the front yard, looking toward Mt. Charleston.

Nicky filled his pant pockets with rocks to toss in the water.

The weight nearly caused his pants to fall down.

It was pretty funny to see.

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