March 19, 2010


I have two articles to share this week.

The first is Vegas Values: Grand Lux Café. Have a favorite dish there? Please share.

Secondly, there is a neat event happening tomorrow at Macy's Fashion Show Mall, check out Make Over America for details.


Jay said...

Oh my that Santa Barbara Chicken sandwich looks good! I really like how you posted prices of many dishes - one never knows what's 'reasonable' to someone, but may not be for others.

I've read on many sites about the Grand Lux, but never to the detail you've provided. I'd like to give it a try when I'm in town this summer.

Kellee said...

Grand Lux is often my suggestion when dining with a group, it's sure to offer something to please everyone.

Prices could be better, but considering the atmosphere and quality dishes, it's reasonable especially compared to other places on the strip. Entrees are huge, two can easily share. That helps to keep the tab low, too.