March 4, 2010

Hell and back

Felt like I've been to hell and back, but it's nice to return to the land of the living. I lost 4 lbs since Monday. Not the way I'd like, but I suppose it makes for a silver lining.

I rarely get the flu, this bug was a gift from Amy. It hit early Tuesday morning, it was absolutely brutal. I've never seen so much bile. Absolutely disgusting. The stomach cramps, back aches and joint pain were so intense. The hip pain was so bizarre and unrelenting. Finally, yesterday I was able to move about and keep toast down. Pains have eased up, today, I have some cramping, stiff shoulders and neck, headache and I'm pretty tired. That's a long list, but believe it or not I feel a hundred times better.

My mom got it, too. Vomiting wasn't as bad for her. Amy feels bad. Between her and Nicky they've knocked out the whole family, only Frank has made it unscathed (I suppose working in a casino builds a strong immune system). Even traveling from IL to NV didn't stop these germs. My constant cleaning with disinfectant wipes and hand washing wasn't enough to combat them either.

Two missed days of work has me playing catch up. Tomorrow is Friday already, too. I'm taking Monday off with intentions of visiting Death Valley with the family. This might mean a brief hiatus, but regular posts will resume next week.

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Tara said...

ugg.. Our whole house got it in one day and it was the worst mess I've ever seen. Glad you're feeling a little better though!