February 16, 2010

Just had to share

Okay, I’ve mentioned before how I have a new found love for Jeopardy. Well, the fascination continues. Actually, it’s gotten worse, it’s now set to record daily. Getting back to my point… yesterday, one of the double jeopardy categories was URANUS. I’ll be 30 next month, but apparently sophomoric humor appeals to my inner teenager. There were two female contestants and one male. The guy cleared the category and finished with a daily double.

I’ll take Uranus for $400, Alex.

Uranus for $800…

Alex, I’d like Uranus for $1200…


Uranus for $2000, Alex. Make it a true daily double.

I always thought negotiations were supposed to go down in cost not up, silly me.

No other game show has made me laugh like that.

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