February 9, 2010

Done until September

Now that football is over Frank is back to his Tues-Sat schedule. This means we now have time to play. I feel like a kid that’s been cooped up all winter and finally gets to play outside.

Sunday we have plans to play a round of disc golf. We also talked of taking a hike afterwards. Sunday evening is “O”. Then, Monday it’s time to take the beast out. It’s been hibernating long enough. Frank ordered the tie rod last week and brought it to the shop yesterday to have it replaced. The Jimmy should be in good order now, only he discovered yesterday that it’s not holding a charge for whatever reason, we’ve replaced the battery and alternator recently. He’ll just need to take the time to rule one out. It was a rainy day no sense in fussing with it. As long as it gets done before Monday, we’re good to go.

Back to the pigskin, despite suffering a number of losses it was a profitable football season, little thanks to me.

Frank was the big winner; he finished in second place in both of his Fantasy Football Leagues. We parlayed a bit of those winning into bets on the Super Bowl. As noted before we won our Saints and under bet. We also won the following prop bets:

1st score of the game, other score +180
1st offensive play, run play +120
Field goal in the 1st quarter Even
Special teams or Defense TD +155
D Clark Receptions, over 6.5 +105

My confident prop bet was the total on the game would be between 51-55. If it weren’t for the missed field goal, I would’ve cashed. I get screwed like that often.

We didn’t place in the money in any other pay leagues or cash any tickets all season – but we only bet on a few games early in the season. Then, we recognized we were only taking beating after beating.

I placed 2nd in Pro Pick’em, but got my ass kicked in other just for fun leagues.

As much fun as the football season is I enjoy the hiatus. It leaves time for baseball, road trips and fun in the sun.


Jay said...

Congrats on the picks. Those are some very nice payouts!

Kellee said...

Thanks! It was definitely nice to have winners to cash.