October 1, 2009

I'm a sucker for a classic

Over the weekend we attended the Super Run Car Show in Henderson. You can read details over on living-las-vegas: Super fun, Super Run 2009.

I was in heaven, I wanted to take nearly every car home. Quite a few were for sale, too. The only thing that stopped me from taking one of the beauties home was the lack of cash. If I had $15k or so burning a hole in my pocket I'd know just how to spend it. The hard part would be picking just one.

It wouldn't need to be a Camaro, I'd gladly take a Chevelle, too.

Or maybe another Firebird

The show had all kinds of classics, plus new versions and those from yesteryear.

This International was really neat, little sliding doors like the one right below the driver window were found all around the vehicle. Helps fight off the bad guy or maybe aids in a quick getaway?

I would've loved to hear this Nova start up

Nice custom work

I fit perfectly underneath this truck

Keep in mind Frank is 6'3"

Check out the details in this ride

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