October 16, 2009

It's Friday!

Tomorrow is Bite of Las Vegas. Mike and I have plans to go. However, Mike came down with the flu yesterday. I haven't heard if he's feeling any better today. Hopefully, it's only a 24 hour bug, and he'll rest today and be well tomorrow.

Uncle Kracker performs at 4:30 and Train at 8:15. Those are the two bands we are interested in seeing. If need be, I can drive to Pahrump tomorrow morning to pick up Mike and we'll still have plenty of time to enjoy the festivities.

Over 40 restaurants are supposed to participate this year. Food portions will be priced between $1-$5. It sounds like it we'll be able to sample several things. I prefer it that way instead of how San Gennaro was set up with large expensive portions.

You know, I still haven't had good Italian sausage to make up for that poor excuse of sausage and peppers we had there. Minuto's (trop/jones) our regular place for fresh sausage closed. I was bummed. It looks like it'll be reopening soon as another Italian Deli. It seems Siena Deli is the only decent option for sausage right now. I tried a new place in the NW called Parma (buffalo/washington). Their sausage was greasy and bland, it was pretty bad. Although, they did have excellent fresh baked bread. The make their own pastas in house, too. I'll have to check those out sometime.

Speaking of Italian Delis, that was the topic for this week's "Vegas Values" Siena Deli, Satisfy a Craving. I could really go for an eggplant parm sandwich right now.

How about you?

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