December 10, 2008

Review: Golden Greek Restaurant

We had a great stay at the Signature. I'm going to make you wait for those details, but in the meantime I'll leave you with this...

We were undecided on what to have for dinner last night. We needed to grab a bite before heading over to our friend's house. We passed by the Golden Greek (formerly Romy's Cafe) at Sahara and Durango. We've been meaning to try it for sometime, it's been months since we've had a gyro, it was an easy choice at that point. When we arrived we were warned that a large party would be dining shortly so space was limited. No problem. We looked over the menu and selected saganaki to start, followed by the gyro plate and souvlaki. Both were served with green beans, rice and greek fries.

The food was excellent, the bill was $45. It was the most authentic Greek food we've come across in Vegas. However, we still haven't gotten around to Opa! for comparison. Service was good at first, but tapered off as the staff got distracted by the large group. Even so we won't hesistate to return.

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